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"Never Trust the white man drivin' a black van, he's just saving all his voodoo for you!" - Clutch
WERD HOMIES! It has been a long while since i've updated but not without reason. I've had exams and stuff okay!...anyhoo there's some awesome news, FuckTruck is taking it to the streets! We're going on the road with the Chaos tour before settling down in the studio (big up front room studios, PREACH!) to record our long awaited debut album. So check out the site and I hope to see a shitload of people at the BARLEYCORN ind COLLINGWOOD on DEC 29th. Keep it reall y'all, and long live rock! - Timmo 4/12/04
First update in a while...I'm a lazy slut what do you expect?
So the truck have been in the formative stages of two things the New Album and the long awaited Chaos Tour. The album is still in the pipeline but watch out cos it's gonna be my balls!! It will featur some of your favourites like "I am Anaeus" and "The Bitch Knows How To Use Wood" plus many more previously unreleased tracks. There may also be a chance of a single containing some covers. The boy and i have just finished the "Farewell to Xavier Tour" with the last stop being the Battle of the Bands on St. Ignatius Day at Xavier, BTW FuckTruck turned 1 yaer old at that gig. But we are ready to go out on the road again as part of the Chaos Tour. This will be one crazy bastard! Fucktruck and Tusk supported by OZ KIll! watch out for it at the Barely Corn in Collingwood sometime around December or January.
Check out the rest of the site as well because i have included a new section on the bands favourite CD's and updated the porfiles as new things are learnt about the guys every day.
Cya dudes 
Okay just a quick post, im thinking about getting t-shirts printed up. So im thinking of brown tees with the logo on the chest...if ur seriously interested or if u have a better idea, let me know ( the price wil be probably $10 and they will be availabe from me at school or home if u know where i live (if u dont tell me so in an email and i'll get in touch and we'll do lunch, we'll go to town on that motherfucker!) but yeh come on we need ur support guys!
luv tim xoxo
Woo-hoo...we smoked 'em at Maytime Fair, we played some covers and some originals and the day would have been perfect if i could have got enough distortion on my amp.  Yeah so enjoy the updated site...
- 8/5/04
This is the internet home of the world's greatest rock band, Fuck Truck. Its not the real home obviously, i mean you probably couldnt even fit one of us into a computer...but you never know what they'll do in the future, they may even be able to find a replacement for my left tes...uh...leg.
phew I almost walked right into that one!
So anyway, here you will be able to find out anything you want to know about us lads and and our music, make sure you tell your freinds about how great the site is and how much you love the band, even if you have to lie your way to hell and back...
                                                                                          - Timmo  

Back in some month, two guys filled with growing rage and discontentment at the music which was available to their rockin' ears, joined their collective musical genius and formed (with the help of two friends) what would soon become one of the world's greatest rock bands...(read more on the history page)

Thanks for taking a look at the site. Be sure to get in touch with your thoughts and suggestions. I'll be updating sometimes, so please check back often.

Here's the line up:

Dan (lanny): Vocals
Tim (timmo): Guitars
Ned / Alan (alan / ned): Bass
Dave (dafe): Drums
Bill Dicker: Roadie / driver of the fuck truck


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